Tesla Offering Three Months of Full Self-Driving on New Cars Delivered by Year-End

Dec 30, 2020   

Tesla is authorizing employees to offer three months of Full Self-Driving to customers that take delivery of a new Tesla by the end of the year.

As Tesla usually does around the end of an important quarter, they’re offering an unadvertised incentive to help meet sales goals. Tesla is aiming to move 500,000 vehicles by the end of the year.

Elon sent an email to employees citing the importance of making 2020 a milestone sales year:

“Please go all out to make it happen. This is a great milestone to rally the company around achieving. All the critics who, as recently as two years ago said that we’d never make it, also called our target of half a million in 2020 “impossible.” The heck with them, we are doing it!”

Additionally, Elon confirmed on Twitter that all cars signed for by midnight on December 31st will automatically receive the three free months of Full Self-Driving upon delivery.

Full Self-Driving Capability adds Summon, Autopark, Auto Lane Change, Navigate on Autopilot, as well as Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control. Additional Full Self-Driving features are currently in beta that enable autonomous driving on city streets; however, it’s unlikely these features will make it to a consumer release within the next 90 days.

This incentive is available in addition to the more commonplace year of Free Supercharging being offered on “undelivered” Model 3 and Model Y vehicles until the end of the quarter.

Real Talk

The value of having three months of Full Self-Driving can only be accurately assessed once Tesla releases its Full Self-Driving subscription next year. We estimate it at around $450 based on the current option price of $10,000.

This is almost like a test of a monthly Full Self-Driving subscription since it’s the first time that the package is being offered as a time-based incentive.

However, we should look at this as a limited-offer trial of Full-Self Driving as it provides no utility or additional discount once the three months are over.

We’re not sure that three months of Full Self-Driving is enough to incentivize buyers that weren’t otherwise planning on purchasing a Tesla this year, although we think it could push a few buyers over the edge assuming Tesla doesn’t have a lot of inventory left to move to reach its lofty sales goal. This incentive would become more valuable to offer in the future once a subscription (as well as autonomous driving on city streets) is formally available.

We should emphasize that this only leaves December 30th and December 31st for consumers to take delivery.

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