Tesla Offers MCU2 Upgrade for Older Model S/X Vehicles, Track Package for Model 3

Mar 2, 2020   

Tesla is now offering an infotainment system upgrade for Model S/X vehicles, as well as a Track Package for Model 3 Performance.

Tesla is preparing an optional Media Control Unit upgrade for Model S and Model X vehicles built in March 2018 or earlier. Vehicles built after that date are already inclusive of MCU2, the newest version of Tesla’s infotainment system. The upgrade adds Tesla Theater for video streaming (including Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube), graphic-intensive games to play in Tesla Arcade, Caraoke, Enhanced Driving Visualization, capability to record from all cameras for Sentry Mode, as well as a smoother and more responsive user interface. This upgrade is particularly notable as it adds Tesla’s latest internet browser built on Google Chromium, which is significantly quicker and more capable.

Eligible owners will have to wait for an email invitation to schedule an appointment to purchase and install the “Infotainment Upgrade” through Tesla Service at a cost of $2,500 plus tax. Tesla is inviting owners in the U.S. with Autopilot Computer 2.5 to schedule an appointment first, with all other owners to be contacted in April.

The Infotainment Upgrade affects the vehicle’s touchscreen and (at this time) isn’t necessary for Autopilot or Full Self-Driving Capability. AM, FM, and SiriusXM radio are removed with the upgrade; otherwise, all other features are improved.

Every Model 3 built to date already includes MCU2.

Additionally, Tesla has released an optional Track Package for Model 3 Performance with Performance Upgrade that can be added after delivery for $5,500. The upgrade includes: “track-focused brake fluid, high-performance brake pads and 20″ Zero-G Performance Wheels to maximize your overall track experience. Note that high-performance wheels and tires may affect your range.”

Real Talk

It’s great that Tesla is offering all Model S/X owners the option to upgrade to the latest version of its MCU version as it offers a better overall user experience. It isn’t a necessary upgrade for all owners, especially those who don’t spend a lot of time using the infotainment features in their car. Still, this means that owners don’t need to purchase a new vehicle to experience the latest infotainment system that Tesla offers — a stark contrast to other brands.

The Track Package for Model 3 Performance makes Model 3 more track-ready than before. This is made for owners who drive their Model 3 Performance hard, and while the rims look stylish this is very much a speciality upgrade designed for performance driving specifically at the track.

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