Tesla Offers Model 3 and Model Y Performance Configurations with an Optional “Performance Upgrade”

Jan 29, 2020   

Tesla is offering Model 3 Performance as well as Model Y Performance configurations without Performance upgrades; however, the benefits of forgoing them are insignificant.

Customers can choose to order Model 3 Performance or Model Y Performance through Tesla’s online configurator without the “Performance Upgrade.” The Performance Upgrade adds Performance Brakes, a carbon fiber spoiler, lowered suspension, aluminum alloy pedals, an increased top speed from 145mph to 162mph on Model 3 (155mph on Model Y), and Track Mode. In exchange, customers receive the same 0-60 time of 3.2 seconds while retaining the 322-mile range (3.5 seconds, 315 miles on Model Y) found on the Long Range All Wheel Drive configuration. There is one major caveat: there are no cost savings for forgoing the Performance Upgrade on either model.

Performance Upgrades, now referred to as a Performance Upgrade, were a $5,000 option on Model 3 when it had originally launched in the U.S.

Interestingly, Tesla is not letting those who choose Model 3 Performance add 19” Sport Wheels (or the new 20” Induction Wheels on Model Y). Customers can either choose between the Aero/Gemini Wheels or the 20”/21” wheels included with the Performance Upgrade.

More recently, Tesla had offered a “sleeper” Model 3 Performance off-menu. This configuration featured the same 0-60 time as Model 3 Performance, without the Performance Upgrade, for a starting price of $49,990. This is the same as what Tesla is offering now, but without the discounted price.

It should be noted that the Performance Upgrade is available at no additional fee, so there was no change to the price of a standard Model 3 Performance. However, this marks the end of “sleeper” Performance models — unless Tesla decides to lower the price of the base Performance configuration.

Real Talk

We think that this will be a temporary change, as there is really no reason for a customer to order a Model 3 or Model Y Performance without the Performance Upgrade since the savings in range are minimal and no discount is being provided. It may however lead to some confusion among prospective buyers. At this moment in time, those who ordered a “sleeper” Model 3 Performance for ~ $50k got a great value.

The only reason for a customer to choose to order a Performance model without the Performance Upgrade would be if they were trying to maximize range and efficiency, since there is no discount being offered. In that case it may make more logical sense to order a Long Range All-Wheel Drive configuration, which on Model 3 is eligible for a $2,000 Acceleration Boost (bringing the 0-60 time to 3.7 seconds) to be added after delivery.


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