Tesla Opening the Full Self-Driving Beta to More Customers

Mar 10, 2021   

Tesla will reportedly make the Full Self-Driving Beta “open to anyone who wants it.”

Due to a high level of demand, Tesla will add an option to download the FSD Beta directly to the service page of eligible Tesla’s within the next ten days. Eligibility is determined by region, regulatory approval, and an owner’s participation in Tesla’s Early Access program.

A high level of caution still has to be placed in monitoring the system, despite the maturity of the software that Elon Musk has emphasized. Per Musk, “the word beta is used to reduce complacency in usage and set expectations appropriately. All software is first tested internally by Tesla simulation & Quality Assurance drive teams.”

Currently there are a thousand Tesla owners participating in the FSD Beta. This rollout is expected to initially double the number of active beta users, then further increase the adoption by a multiple of ten.

Owners still have to be in the Early Access program, and beta requests can be fast tracked by contacting earlyaccess@tesla.com

Real Talk

Headlines from various news sources, albeit quotes taken directly from Elon Musk’s Tweets, are making it sound like Tesla is opening the beta to as many customers as possible.

However, this is still very much a controlled and limited beta release targeted at those in the Early Access program — which is technically open to a majority of consumers that have purchased Full Self-Driving Capability.

Tesla will have to target specific customers in areas that have been tested by Tesla’s own team, as it’s estimated that there will be around 10,000-20,000 active users participating in the beta by the end of the month. That is only a small fraction of capable Tesla’s in North America.

This is by no means a public Full Self-Driving beta launch, and the addition of a button to download the beta is slightly misleading as it will likely remain extremely limited and targeted. The fact is that Tesla is opening the beta to more customers, not to everyone who wants it.
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