Tesla Possibly Bringing Back Enhanced Autopilot, Increasing Full Self-Driving Price to $14,000

May 27, 2021   

It was revealed that Tesla may be planning to bring back Enhanced Autopilot alongside a potential price increase of $4,000 to Full Self-Driving.

Source code on Tesla’s account page was updated to reflect options to add Enhanced Autopilot for $4,000, as well as speculation that this option may be required for Full Self-Driving which would push the total after-delivery cost to $14,000.

Enhanced Autopilot seems like a likely option for Tesla to bring back, as it offers many popular features such as Smart Summon in a more affordable package compared to Full Self-Driving. Full Self-Driving can begin differentiating itself once Tesla has more autonomous features prepared for a production release.

It’s not as clear whether Full Self-Driving would definitively rise in price, as the source code still reflects a $10,000 price point. However, it also shows that an additional $4,000 cost may be levied in addition to the $10,000 if Full Self-Driving is purchased after delivery. The code additionally reflects that Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving would be available together for a total cost of $14,000.

Base Autopilot, which enables lane keep assist and active cruise control, would remain an included feature on new Tesla’s.

Real Talk

Considering the advancements Tesla has been making lately to its Autopilot software, this seems surprisingly likely — and also makes an abundance of sense when priced as options.

Enhanced Autopilot includes the “best of” Tesla’s currently-available autonomous features, without making a Tesla truly autonomous. A number of owners will gravitate towards this at a fraction of the cost as opposed to purchasing Full Self-Driving outright.

As Tesla readies its improved Pure Vision Full Self-Driving beta release, history would show that this would be a prime opportunity for them to raise the price of Full Self-Driving as it is intended to increase over time.

Additionally, this would make it so Tesla could charge more for a Full Self-Driving subscription while potentially even throwing the curveball of a subscription for Enhanced Autopilot at a reduced ($49/month?) price point.

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