Tesla Pulls Used Inventory in System Transition

Aug 24, 2019   

Tesla has begun pulling cars from its used inventory as the company is in the process of transitioning to a new inventory system.

We are on authority to state that Tesla has recently switched to a revamped inventory system on its back-end, and is in the process of making a full transition. We are unsure at this time what this will mean to consumers, as the site itself remains the same. The new system appears to offer more dynamic pricing and new formulas to calculate the market value of used vehicles.

Our source states that Tesla switched to its new system on Tuesday, August 13th. Since then, the company has faced issues listing and properly managing its Model 3 inventory. Recent Model 3 listings have been sporadic and varied in pricing.

Currently, there are no used Model 3 vehicles listed anywhere in the country. There are still a limited number of Model S and X vehicles, although Tesla has yet to face issues with its Model S/X inventory management which may not have been subject to the same update.

More changes are underway for how Tesla manages and sells used inventory over the coming months.

Real Talk

It is unclear at this point how exactly this new system will affect used inventory, though companies usually upgrade their back-end for efficiency reasons. Perhaps Tesla is preparing to offer a larger selection of used inventory at a time, or the company is exploring how to adjust its market value to sell vehicles in a more timely manner. We will stay on top of the system changes and update our blog as more information is available.

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