Tesla Pushes Custom Orders, New Inventory

Apr 3, 2019   

Tesla updated its homepage today to reflect that new orders through its configurator are “custom orders” while simultaneously pushing the sale of new, pre-built inventory on Model S and X.

Considering that Tesla builds cars in batches, it is possible that they will begin pushing cars that are already built before a buyer chooses to custom order. There have been delays for numerous configurations particularly on the Model 3 so this feels like a way to move new inventory — assuming of course that Tesla begins making new inventory for Model 3 readily accessible on its site. To date, only discounted showroom/demo inventory has been available for the Model 3 through Tesla sales and stores.

This comes before prices on new inventory increase by 3% tonight at midnight per a Tweet from Elon last week. Prices already increased recently roughly 2% on new configurations so this is mainly new inventory catching up to March’s global price increases.

It isn’t clear whether Tesla will make any other changes tonight when they raise the price of new inventory, though it is clear that the company is pushing its new inventory selection more prominently than before.

Real Talk

“Custom orders” through Tesla weren’t truly custom since Tesla produces cars in batches and matches them to outstanding orders. Still, with an increase in the number of colors and configurations available it makes sense the company would consider it a custom order rather just the standard way to order a Tesla as before. This could be a sign that we will see more new inventory available to order immediately online, and a potential change in business model if Tesla begins pushing sales of cars that are already built. Although, with immediate delivery I don’t think too many buyers would complain about the change and those that still want a Tesla built to their spec can “custom order.”

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