Tesla Raises Model 3 and Model Y Pricing, Updates Interior on Model 3

Apr 12, 2021   

Tesla has raised pricing on Model 3 and Model Y, while also refreshing the interior on Model 3.

This is the fourth time so far this year that Tesla has updated pricing on Model 3, and it’s not an insignificant change: prices are up across all three configurations.

Model 3 Standard Range Plus starts at $38,490, a price increase of $500 and a total $1,500 difference compared to its starting price in February. The Long Range All-Wheel Drive model also had its price increased $500 to $47,490. Model 3 Performance is $1,000 more expensive at $56,990, compared to $55,990 previously.

Meanwhile Model Y’s starting price is $500 more expensive at $50,490 for a Long Range All-Wheel Drive configuration. The price of the Performance model was recently raised $1,000 to $60,990, which remained the same.

This comes with a minor revamp to the interior on Model 3 that carries the wood/white trim to the door panels. While Gigafactory Shanghai added an updated interior to Model 3 and Model Y earlier this year, Tesla hasn’t brought the refreshed interior to Model Y at Fremont just yet.

Real Talk

There’s only one logical explanation for Tesla raising prices across the board: demand must be exceeding supply.

That’s good news for the automaker, and even for those that are selling their Tesla privately.

The Fremont Gigafactory has a lot on its plate between delays for the redesigned Model S and Model X and heightened demand for Model 3 and Model Y, so we can’t blame Tesla for making adjustments that will likely be lowered back down in the future.

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