Tesla Raises the Price of Full Self-Driving, Long Range Model 3

Tesla has raised the price of Full Self-Driving alongside an unexpected price increase for the Long Range Model 3.

After suggesting that the cost of Full Self-Driving would go up over time, delaying it numerous times, then Tweeting that the price would go up by $1,000 on November 1st, the change has finally taken effect: Full Self-Driving Capability now costs $7,000 to add to a new Tesla or to add after taking delivery.

At this time, Full Self-Driving adds no additional features for those who already have Enhanced Autopilot. However, Musk has stated that Full Self-Driving would be “feature complete” by the end of the year for those enrolled in the Early Access Program — an optional program where those who have purchased Full Self-Driving can begin testing new features prior to their public release.

It should be noted that the total cost to add Autopilot and Full Self-Driving to a Tesla that isn’t equipped with either option is now $10,000. New Tesla’s come standard with Autopilot.

Additionally, Tesla has raised the price of the Long Range All-Wheel Drive Model 3 configuration to $48,490, a price increase of $500. This comes at the same time that Tesla has updated its EPA range to 322 miles. This model was originally released with a 310-mile range, which Tesla under-reported and has begun improving over time with software updates.

A new update is expected to be released later this month for all Tesla customers which will increase the power output of the Model 3 by 5% and the Model S/X by 3%. Tesla has already started factoring the improved power output and efficiency into the advertised range for all three vehicles, updating the Long Range variants of Model S and Model X to 373 miles and 328 miles respectively.

Real Talk

It’s a bit surprising to see the price of Full Self-Driving start increasing, as the company has advertised it in the past then ultimately decided to delay it. With the release of Smart Summon and the company’s confidence in its progress, it seems that the price will only continue increasing in the future as the company attempts to create an “appreciating asset.”

The price increase for the Long Range Model 3 (as well as the Standard Range Plus Model 3 last month) coincides with a lack of supply for the American market as Tesla diverts its manufacturing to the Chinese and European markets.

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