Tesla Releases Model Y Standard Range

Jan 7, 2021   

Tesla has released a new, more affordable version of Model Y.

Model Y Standard Range features an EPA-estimated range of 244 miles, a top speed of 135mph, and a 0-60 time of 5.3 seconds at a new starting price of $41,990.

Notably, the Standard Range configuration includes the same premium interior and premium sound as the Long Range/Performance variants. Model 3 Standard Range Plus is limited to a “partial premium interior” with a base immersive sound package.

The configurator hasn’t been updated to reflect the upgraded interior found on the Gigafactory Shanghai-produced Model Y, which indicates that the changes expected to also be added soon to the North American version of Model Y haven’t been implemented yet at Fremont.

Model Y Standard Range is available to order now, with an estimated delivery of 2-5 weeks.

Real Talk

The Standard Range configuration represents a great overall value within Tesla’s current lineup: the specs are competitive, a full premium interior and premium sound are included, and it’s in a SUV form factor that appeals to a broader market.

At $41,990 it’s worth the $4,000 premium over Model 3 Standard Range Plus, which makes us wonder if Tesla will make changes to Model 3 as well to bring its Standard Range Plus configuration in-parity with the Long Range models.

We think the popularity of Model Y will skyrocket in 2021, helping Tesla to potentially surpass its nearly 500,000 vehicles delivered in 2020.
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