Tesla Revamps Used Inventory Site

Apr 30, 2019   

Tesla has updated its used inventory site with a sleek new interface that brings actual images of its used vehicles front-and-center for the first time.

In addition to a stock image of the vehicle, used vehicles now include a comprehensive gallery of images taken by a third party. The new interface highlights the specs of each vehicle alongside the price and estimated loan payment, making comparison shopping easier.

Previously, prospective buyers had to request photos of each vehicle they were interested in; subsequently, Tesla would email a Dropbox link to a gallery of images that showcased the vehicle and highlighted any cosmetic issues.

Other pertinent information about each used vehicle is now more pronounced, including warranty information (either a period of 2 years/100k miles or 4 years/50k miles) as well as the addition of the vehicle’s title history. Tesla’s mechanical and cosmetic inspection process is outlined alongside the ordering process.

Used vehicles that were added recently to Tesla’s site have been listed using the new format; however, not all vehicles have been updated and buyers will still need to contact Tesla to request additional information and photos.

Real Talk

This update is a step in the right direction, as it makes the interface more streamlined and intuitive. Still, Tesla’s used inventory is handled by a third party and we feel that there is room for improvement. Vehicles could be cleaned and detailed prior to being listed, and the overall image quality is lacking.

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