Tesla to Change Base Color, Charge $1000 for Solid Black Next Month

Jun 19, 2019   

Elon Musk revealed on Twitter that Tesla is planning to change the base color of all its vehicles starting next month.

Tesla will begin selling its cars with a basic white paint color as the standard paint option. The color will be a solid non-metallic white, which will be completely different from the Pearl Multi-Coat color that is available for an additional fee.

The Solid Black color, which is currently included on all Tesla’s sold today, will become a $1,000 option starting next month.

Previously, Tesla had offered a Solid White paint option on Model S that was included standard and offered in addition to Solid Black as the base paint option.

All Tesla vehicles sold today still come with Solid Black, with the change to Solid White expected to take place next month. Metallic colors are available at a $1,000-$2,500 premium depending on the model.

Real Talk

We feel that Tesla is making this change to showcase more variety in the appearance of the vehicles it has on the road, as Solid Black is becoming increasingly more common. A solid white color complements the lines of its vehicles better, and naturally many people will purchase with the included base color. This may be an opportunity for Tesla to bring Obsidian Black Metallic back, as a metallic color can command more of a premium than the Solid Black color that has been offered standard for upwards of two years. In the future, we anticipate that we could see Solid Black being offered alongside Solid White as the base color option based on consumer demand.

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