Tesla to Improve Performance, Range, and Efficiency for All Customers

Oct 23, 2019   

Musk revealed during the company’s Q3 2019 earnings call that Tesla is preparing a software update that will improve the performance, range, and efficiency of all current Tesla models.

An over-the-air update is coming in the next few weeks that will improve power output for all Tesla customers. Model 3 power output will be increased by 5% for all configurations, which will lead to improved acceleration and potentially a higher top speed. Model S and Model X will also receive an average power output increase of 3%.

Additionally, Tesla is preparing improvements that will make its vehicles capable of “single-pedal driving.” Single-pedal driving is when acceleration and braking is predominantly accomplished by the same pedal, with the ability to bring the vehicle to a complete stop without touching the brake pedal. This is cited directly as responsible for improved range and efficiency. Single-pedal driving brings significant improvements in comfort and feel, making the driving experience easier and less fatiguing over time.

These improvements are expected to bring the range of the Long Range Model S to 380 miles, an improvement of roughly 10 miles.

In addition, Model 3 Standard Range and Standard Range Plus owners will benefit from quicker Supercharging.

Musk reminded listeners that there hasn’t been a situation in history where a car has gotten better over time due to software, with the company excited to release the new update as soon as next month.

Real Talk

It is impressive to see that Tesla is once again increasing the power output of its vehicles after it had already accomplished a similar feat earlier this year with an over-the-air update that had improved acceleration and range for all Tesla customers, coinciding with the release of the Standard Range Model 3.

Single-pedal driving is an inherent benefit of electric vehicles that many competitors built their own driving dynamics on, which makes it surprising that it took Tesla this long to make true single-pedal driving available for its vehicles. It is such a major improvement to the overall driving experience that once Tesla owners grow accustomed to it they’ll view using the brake pedal to come to a complete stop as a remnant of internal combustion engine vehicles.

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