Tesla to Provide Live Service Status Updates In Mobile App

Mar 2, 2019   

Tesla to Provide Live Service Status Updates

In another move to revolutionize the way cars are serviced, Tesla will provide live status updates through its mobile app. These updates will let owners know the exact status of their Tesla, such as whether parts are on order or when the car is being serviced along with a date and time of its estimated completion.

Tesla plans to make service as quick as same-day or potentially even same-hour when possible, with a majority of service done at the owner’s convenience, whether that be their workplace or residence.

Requesting service is as simple as selecting what needs to be done from the app as detailed in the screenshot above.

This update is available starting today. A notification will alert the user as soon as their car’s service is completed or if it’s ready to be picked up.

Real Talk

For Tesla owners concerned about the progress of their vehicles’ repairs, this will help make the process less daunting. I’m used to bringing my vehicle in for service and waiting weeks at times for service, so this update should make repetitive phone calls about status updates redundant.

Hopefully the immediacy of the updates also means shorter waits for parts and quicker service. The live updates could make the wait for parts feel embarrassingly long if they aren’t readily available.

This feels like a transition to a future where Tesla seamlessly comes to you when service is necessary, and updates you via your phone — without you having to do anymore than simply requesting the required service as part of a move to both decentralized service and sales.

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Adam Qureshi