Tesla Updates Model S/Model X Supercharging Rate to 250kW

Jul 20, 2020   

Tesla has upgraded the Supercharging rate of Model S and Model X to 250kW, which equates to a charge rate of roughly 1,000 miles per hour.

The upgrade to 250kW Supercharging is hardware-based, and available on recently-produced Model S and Model X vehicles. This brings the Model S and Model X’s charge rate in-line with Model 3 and Model Y, which have been capable of a 250kW charge rate since their inception.

Musk attributed the update on Twitter to an increase in wire thickness that reduces resistive heating, nothing that it “technically won’t be quite 1000 mph charging, as X especially is much bigger than 3.” Efficiency and battery density play a role in the actual rate of charge.

A software update in June added the capability to charge at 225kW (an improvement over the original 200kW spec) to Model S/Model X vehicles with the latest Raven powertrain.

V3 Superchargers are capable of a 250kW peak charging rate, and until now have been mostly reserved for Model 3. While the peak charge rate won’t be 1,000 miles per hour across every vehicle, Tesla’s entire lineup can now benefit from its latest Supercharging technology.

Real Talk

It has taken Tesla a while to upgrade Model S/X to match the spec of Model 3, which featured Tesla’s latest battery and charging technology at the start of its production. Now that the vehicles are capable of V3 Supercharging, an upgrade may be worth consideration to consumers that are constantly using Tesla’s Supercharging Network.

Considering that vehicles with Raven upgrades (produced in March 2019 and later) are already capable of a 225kW charge rate following a recent software update, it may not matter as much to those consumers as this represents a ~ 10% improvement in charge rate.