Tesla Model S & X – New Naming Convention

Jan 29, 2019   

Last week Tesla dropped the 75kWh battery option. Check out what they came up with next (and my guess is they’ll roll out an autopilot monthly subscription option for $199/month pay as you go). You heard it here first – check out the new line up below!

So this begs the question. If they drop the naming convention 100D what will they use for new badging? Also I think this may lead to the entire line up naming convention.
Model 3. Not including tax incentives.
Short Range: $35,000 (software restrict)
Mide Range: $44,000
Long Range AWD. $51,000
Performance AWD: $62,000


Model S
Price: $85,000
Range: 310 miles
0-60mph: 4.1 sec

Model X
Price: $88,000
Range: 270 miles
0-60mph: 4.7 sec

Model S and Model X with the full, unrestricted 100 kWh pack will be called “Extended Range.”


Model S Extended Range
Price: $93,000
Range: 335 miles
0-60mph: 4.1 sec

Model X Extended Range
Price: $96,000
Range: 295 miles
0-60mph: 4.7 sec


Model S and X Performance
Model S Performance
Price: $112,000
Range: 315-miles
0-60mph: 3.0 sec.
Model X Performance
Price: $117,000
Range: 289-miles
0-60mph: 3.5 sec.

Ludicrous. ludicrous money

Model S and X Performance w/ Ludicrous Mode
Model S Performance w/ Ludicrous Mode
Price: $132,000
Range: 315-miles
0-60mph: 2.4 sec.
Model X Performance w/ Ludicrous Mode
Price: $137,000
Range: 289-miles
0-60mph: 2.8 sec.

You can upgrade to “Extended Range” at any time, just gotta fork over the cash.
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Adam Qureshi