Tesla’s Pickup Truck to Be Unveiled Later This Summer

Jun 11, 2019   

Today’s Shareholder event revealed more details about Tesla’s upcoming pickup truck, which is set to be revealed at an event of its own at the end of the summer.

Tesla’s pickup truck will sport an all-new design that is unlike any other pickup on the market. Musk went as far as to say that it’s the “coolest” car he had ever seen, and that when people see it on the road they’ll think it looks like it came out of a “sci-fi movie.”

Since it won’t be tried-and-true a copy of what came before, Tesla is taking the time now to make sure its futuristic pickup truck is truly great. What that entails is being more functional than Ford’s F-150 while also being a better sports car (assumedly with better performance) than a base Porsche 911. Those claims are backed up by the promise that Tesla’s pickup will have towing capacity that matches or exceeds a F-150.

The base model will be priced at under $50,000, which puts it right in-line with the rest of the market despite the inherent cost savings of it being electric.

We also learned today that the Tesla Semi production is targeted to begin at the end of next year. Pickup launch details will be shared at its dedicated event later this summer.

Real Talk

Since Tesla claimed that they will have a vehicle soon with a 400-mile range, we assume this will be it. Another game-changer is what Tesla needs to keep its lineup fresh and innovative, and its sounds like the forthcoming pickup will be exactly that. We are on-board to see more radical, futuristic designs from Tesla as the pickup joins the Semi, Model Y, and Roadster in Tesla’s upcoming lineup.

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