The Full Terms of the New Jersey Electric Vehicle Incentive Program

May 28, 2020   

The Board of Public Utilities unveiled the online application for the Charge Up New Jersey vehicle incentive program yesterday alongside the terms and requirements of the rebate.

The full rebate applies to electric vehicles with an electric range of over 200 miles as well as a final MSRP of $55,000. Standard Range, Standard Range Plus, as well as Long Range variants of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y (a Standard Range configuration will be released next year) qualify for the full rebate.

Effectively, all current Performance trims (which exceed a $55,000 MSRP with the $1,200 Destination and Documentation fee factored in — this fee is added to the final MSRP on the Monroney sticker) do not qualify for the rebate. Model S and Model X are also ineligible due to the MSRP of all configurations being in excess of $55,000.

Vehicles purchased and delivered after January 17, 2020 are eligible for the rebate. Customers who purchased an eligible vehicle during that period can apply online now at to receive a rebate check in the mail within 120 days. (Applications must be filed within 90 days of the launch of the online form.)

The vehicle must be registered in the State of New Jersey to the applicant, purchased from a New Jersey dealership or showroom, and applicable proof of residency will be required.

Following Phase 2 of the rebate rollout, the goal will be for the rebate to be applied at the point of purchase by the dealer. In the case that isn’t possible (such as when purchasing from Tesla online and receiving delivery at home), customers will still be able to apply for the rebate online.

Further terms of the program:

Businesses, governments, and public entities are not eligible for the incentive.

Applicants are required to remain a resident of New Jersey for at least two years after claiming the incentive. (Otherwise either a prorated amount or the full amount of the incentive may have to be paid back to the State of New Jersey.)

Customers claiming the rebate must retain ownership/registration or an active lease agreement of at least 36 consecutive months. (Please note that the official press release specifies a term of 36 months; however, the terms on the Charge Up New Jersey site specify a minimum ownership term of 24 months.)

Applicants may receive up to four incentives during the ten-year period the program will be active.

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