Why Doesn’t Cybertruck Have Any Tesla Branding?

Dec 27, 2019   

Tesla’s polarizing design for the Cybertruck is unlike any other vehicle the company has produced to date, with one glaring omission that highlights that aesthetic: Cybertruck has no Tesla branding.

Cybertruck is completely and totally devoid of any Tesla branding. There are no logos on the front or rear bumpers of the truck, the wheels are unbranded, even the steering wheel lacks Tesla’s signature “T” emblem. More tellingly, the vehicle’s 17” display also lacks any logos or symbols reminiscent of Tesla’s branding. This indicates to us that the lack of Tesla branding on Cybetruck is very much purposeful and a calculated decision by the company. The real question is why Tesla would go to such extremes.

For clarification, every test drive vehicle Tesla has created to date has included as much Tesla branding as a production vehicle. At its unveil event, Model 3 didn’t look unlike the Model 3 that’s available on the market today. There is no historical reason why Cybertruck wouldn’t at the least have a Tesla emblem outfitted to its steering wheel.

Perhaps it’s a design choice with the intention of keeping Cybertruck as minimalistic as possible. The design is so outlandish that it generates buzz and word of mouth on its own, making it unmistakable for any other vehicle.

We can only speculate, but we believe there is a distinct possibility that Tesla is creating a new brand for Cybertruck. The main rationale for doing so would be so that the brand qualifies for the full $7,500 tax credit, which hasn’t been extended and will no longer apply to Tesla beginning next year.

Volvo has accomplished this strategy with the acquisition of Polestar, with both brands separately qualifying for 200,000 $7,500 tax credits each before a phase-out occurs.

There are other reasons as well, including establishing a bold new design language that could be extended to other vehicles. We think it would be more practical to build a Cyber sedan that can function as a Robotaxi, as it would likely carry over the virtually indestructible steel chassis and Tesla Armor Glass. (Note: we do find it strange that Tesla is willing to brand certain components of the truck, but not the truck itself.)

Tesla has filed a trademark for “CYBRTRK” along with a logo that doesn’t match the company’s own design aesthetic.

This is purely speculation and the likelihood of Tesla creating a new brand specifically for Cybetruck is dubious at best, but we find it peculiar and deliberate that Cybertruck doesn’t have any Tesla branding at all. A CYBR brand followed by a line of Cyber products is a possibility, though an admittedly improbable one (even if it is unlikely to be a coincidence that there isn’t a Tesla emblem); conversely, it is likely that Tesla has a grand plan for Cybertruck that it has yet to unveil.


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