YouTube and Netflix Coming to (Parked) Tesla’s

Jul 27, 2019   

Elon revealed on Twitter that Tesla has plans to add multimedia apps to watch on parked Tesla vehicles.

Tesla owners will soon be able to watch media from YouTube and Netflix via their vehicle’s central touchscreen. It was cited by Musk as having an “amazingly immersive, cinematic feel due to the comfy sears & surround sound audio.”

Considering every Tesla comes equipped with cellular data, this should become part of the Premium Connectivity service that Tesla offers. Premium Connectivity also includes streaming audio, satellite maps, and a web browser. Although the company has stated that the service will be about $99/year following the first year, they have yet to charge users. Tesla’s ordered on or before June 30, 2018 include Premium Connectivity for the life of the car. Connectivity plans for Model 3 with a partial premium interior are expected to be announced later this year.

Of course, this service will only be available while the vehicle is stopped and should help pass the time at Superchargers or on road trips. It’s also unprecedented as Tesla will become the first automotive brand to feature built-in YouTube and Netflix applications.

Combined with the excellent sound system and the large screen found in every Tesla model, an unrivaled multimedia experience will become an additional foundation of the Tesla experience — especially as the company rolls out true level 5 autonomy in the future.

Real Talk

This was expected, considering the large cinematic display that’s utilized in Model 3 and the company’s willingness to improve the multimedia experience with subsequent updates. Tesla’s will become entertainment powerhouses over time as the company is able to achieve true autonomy, freeing up time for owners to catch up on their favorite Netflix series.

For now, I’m sure many users will appreciate having more options while they wait for their cars to charge… despite how much quicker new versions of Superchargers are becoming.

So we’ll pose the question: is Model 3 becoming a glorified smartphone? We think it was built from the ground up to become a self-driving taxi, and the central touchscreen will eventually be used almost exclusively for media, maps, and web browsing. It’s only a matter of time until other automakers follow suit and every car sold has a multimedia suite including Netflix and YouTube.