At Only Used Tesla, we've pioneered the first marketplace exclusively designed for buying and selling pre-owned Tesla vehicles. These aren't just ordinary cars; Tesla vehicles redefine luxury, marrying advanced technology with sustainable travel. However, we recognize that factors like restrictive dealership practices, hefty price tags of new-age technology, or an insufficient supply due to soaring demand can deter potential owners.

Our platform breaks down barriers, creating an accessible marketplace for those looking to sell your Tesla or find a used Tesla for sale. We uniquely facilitate seamless transactions between Tesla enthusiasts and prospective owners, eliminating the challenges traditionally associated with acquiring these innovative machines.

As a dedicated platform for Tesla resales, we proudly stand as one of the rare, if not the only, venues focused on offering used Teslas. Our mission revolves around making pre-owned Teslas more accessible to enthusiasts and aspiring owners alike. So, if you're scouring the market for a used Tesla for sale from a private seller or dealer, your search ends here at Only Used Tesla.

Similarly, if you're planning to sell your Tesla, we provide an efficient and effective platform, ensuring your vehicle finds a new home with someone who will appreciate it just as much as you have. Choose Only Used Tesla – where Tesla ownership dreams become reality.

Meet the Founder—Adam Qureshi


Adam began his career humbly on the streets of New York as a young boy, where he delivered newspapers and sold luxury bags to the wealthy elite. Gradually, he has built his life and company through a combination of hard work and uncompromisingly honest business. Today Adam has devoted himself to helping existing and prospective Tesla owners with great deals and services. His firm stance on fraud protection and robust universal digital privacy rights have earned him immense respect in the Tesla community.

Moving forward, his calling is to help wean the world off it’s gasoline addiction, and help everyone make the switch to electric vehicles so that the future is a cleaner, brighter, healthier place for us all.