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2016 / Model S / P90DL / Midnight Silver Metallic

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2016 Used Tesla Model S P90DL. Tucson. Arizona
Autopilot with Convenience Features: Enables Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, Front Collision Warning and Lane Departure Avoidance.
* This version cannot be upgraded to Full Self-Driving.

2016 Tesla Model S P90DL w/3RD GEN BATTERY 1088792-00-A (Combo only made from 7/16-10/16)+WARRANTY
CA/AZ car
LIST $135k
KBB Very Good Avg Private Party = $60k
SALE $54.9k – which includes AT LEAST $5k add-ons (SEE BELOW)
AZ has NO TAX on Private Party Sales (and if your state is the same that means No Sales Tax! Save $$$$)

Note, Tesla will Not tell you what battery comes in the car. Not to mention, the car they are selling will only have a 10 Mo warranty & No MCU2 upgrade + they charge a LOT to transport, Tax the transport, WONT disclose Pictures or Current Max Range (SEE BELOW) but will require a $500 Non Refundable deposit (+ Shipping fees) on the car before you can see it (and by the way, you can’t test drive it either until you Own it).

Notable Features:
TESLA WARRANTY! Til 1/2024 or 95k miles w/$0 deductible: KBB GIVES NO CREDIT FOR THIS yet Tesla charges $5K for 4/yr 50k B2B extended warranty w/$200 deduct
LUDICROUS+ ($20K Option on newer cars): 0-60 in 2.6s, 1/4 mile 10.9s (Note: the 3rd gen battery is the Only 90KW pack able to consistently output 500+KW at 90+% Charge)
Prem Pkg ($3K): Includes Black Alcantra Dash/Headliner, LED headlights, Bio Defense Air Filter & Auto Liftgate
AutoPilot w/Convenience Features ($3K): Not Upgradeable to FSD but Very capable on Freeways. Includes basic autopark & summon
Smart Air Suspension ($3K)
Light Grey Leather interior ($2.5K): NO LONGER AVAILABLE on New Car
Panoramic Sunroof ($2K): NO LONGER AVAILABLE on New Car
Midnight Silver Metallic paint ($1.5K)
Pay per use Supercharging

Added Features that KBB GIVES NO CREDIT FOR:
MCU 2 Upgrade ($2.5K): Theater mode, more games, better browsing/streaming (no AM/FM)
FREE Lifetime Premium Internet (Normally $10/mo)
Figured Ash Wood Decor ($750)
Enhanced Anti-Theft ($350)

Keys, Floor Mats & Standard Charge Accessories included

Max RATED Range=248-250 miles. From my research, this is Very Good and IMPORTANT (as a matter of fact, if you find a P90DL with More range at 50K miles, I would be interested to hear about it). Initial degradation is highest to approx 50K Miles, then levels off until approx 150K per this article.

No One, NOT EVEN TESLA will disclose Max RATED Range on used EVs to hide battery degradation

I only supercharged once. I primarily use 120V wall charger as don’t travel much (this is the best for battery life)
I have averaged Over 120mpge for the 5k miles I have driven the vehicle (EPA rating is 95)

Stock #: 5YJSA1E43GF148582

  • Listing Date

    Feb 22, 2021
  • Year

  • Model

    Model S
  • Battery

  • Color

    Midnight Silver Metallic
  • Autopilot

    Autopilot 1
  • Listing Type

    For Sale
  • Condition

    Very Good
  • Mileage

    49,951 miles
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